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When I look at you now

Photojournalist and artist Kenji Wong Wai Kin shares his initial reservations about this participatory work, and why he invites the audience to write letters to the next generation.

‘We don’t know when, but one day we might no longer have the opportunity to speak up, or certain things will just cease to be’.

Kenji Wong’s ‘When I look at you right now…’ invites young parents to write a letter to their future teenage child that speculates on a post-traumatic Hong Kong. The letters are recited by the parents, and presented as audio recordings accompanied by the parents’ own carefree childhood photos. Wong’s work generates temporal associations that conflate past, present and future, as a way to gain perspective on an infinite scale.

Interview 專訪|'Can't touch this!' artist Kenji Wong Wai Kin 「鑊鑊新鮮鑊鑊甘」藝術家王偉健

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