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Yim Sui Fong’s ‘Avatar’ is a three-channel video installation that leads viewers on a voyage of recollection, guiding them to retrieve lost memories in a schizophrenic world, and to reconnect not only with themselves, but with one another, in a quest for companionship.

While everybody was fully engaged with dealing with the pandemic, how could Yim Sui Fong develop an ‘avatar’ to heal herself?

The artist explains, ‘During this time of isolation, I was thinking, can this term ‘avatar’ be used to imagine companions, and to not forget the strength of “togetherness”? I like using a type of autosuggestion to navigate by, to lay out a journey, and to give you tips for how to connect with people.’

Interview 專訪|'Can't touch this!' artist Yim Sui Fong 「鑊鑊新鮮鑊鑊甘」藝術家嚴瑞芳

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