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the Virus

Visualizing the Virus is an international digital project that showcases and investigates the diverse ways in which SARS-Cov2 and the COVID-19 pandemic is visualized and the inequalities it makes visible.

Picture of a cold frozen window, abstract perspective
painting of amalgamated animals, a chicken mixed with a cheetah and monkey for instance.
cartoon of men protesting against vaccination
image of hundreds of masked head shots

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image of a poster of Facundo Scalzo, a woman is standing in front of the poster
The Confluence of Institutional Violence and Structural Poverty: in Low-Income Neighborhoods of Argentina
The Confluence of Institutional Violence and Structural Poverty
drawing of a purple molecular circle with yellow stems outside of it
Making the Invisible Visible: Unequal Histories
Making the Invisible Visible
black and white image of a derelict building and what looks like sick people sitting on the floor
COVID-19 and Wildlife: Marginalised Perspectives and Neglected Trends
COVID-19 and Wildlife
two older women gardening
Human Rights in Care Homes: The Pandemic and Beyond
Human Rights in Care Homes
Text-based image that reads: "Black Living Data Matter #BLDB"
From Recording Black Death to Celebrating Living Data: Creativity, COVID 19, and Community Care
From Recording Black Death to Celebrating Living Data
close up image of a person holding a small vaccine bottle and drawing the liquic into a needle
Necropolitics of Vaccine Capitalism
Necropolitics of Vaccine Capitalism
Image of an empty train station in Kolkatta
Mass Death and Mortuary Practices in India during COVID-19
Mass Death and Mortuary Practices in India during COVID-19
a group of women standing in front of a painted wall mural depicting two women talking
Living as the “Muslim” Virus in Modi’s India
Living as the “Muslim” Virus in Modi’s India
medieval woodprint illustration
Anti-Asian Racism and Epistemic Violence
Anti-Asian Racism and Epistemic Violence
image of black circle with many small words written in white. The words relate to COVID-19, like injury, death symptom,
Cartography of COVID-19
Cartography of COVID-19
Picture of a multicolor (mainly red) truck
Indian Migrant Workers & Lockdown: Trapped in the Intercities
Indian Migrant Workers & Lockdown
Modelling the Virus: Tracing the fault-lines of Epistemic Justice in Disease Modelling and Data Visuals
Modelling the Virus
colorful illustration of tents and sing with "We are not the virus!" written on top
We Are Not the Virus
We Are Not the Virus
artistic collage with images of human and vegetal parts
Transmission: A series of five Podcasts on Disease and Pandemics in a Distorted World
picture taken of a water tank outside the middle of a village
Communicating COVID-19: Expanded Media Narratives
Communicating COVID-19
Colorful drawing of Indian people carrying out different tasks, like riding on a bus, sailing
Mithila Art in 2020: Life, Labor, and COVID-19 in South Asia
Mithila Art in 2020
Black and white picture of a woman and a child in the strees of India
Mobilizing the Streets: COVID-19 & Informal Labor in India
Mobilizing the Streets
picture taken of crowd of people siting down outside
COVID-19 in Oceania: Food Security, Resilience, and Community
COVID-19 in Oceania
cartoon of young Asian woman with smart phone
Smartphones & the Pandemic: Navigating care, surveillance, and connection in Japan
Smartphones & the Pandemic
purple and pink ribbon
Syndemic Sublime: A SciArtist (re)visualizes SARS
Syndemic Sublime